Useful tips to know about IBM’s share

IBM (International Business Machines) International Business Machines (IBM) is an American multinational information technology company headquarted in Armonk, New York, with operations in over 170 countries. The company began in 1911, founded in Endicott, New York as the Computing-Tabulation-Recording company (CTR) and was renamed “International Business Machines” in 1924. IBM produces and sells computer hardware, […]

Useful tips to know about AutoDesk share

ADSK (Auto Desk) Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation that makes software services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries. Autodesk became best known for AutoCAD, but now develops a broad range of software for design, engineering, and entertainment—and a line of software for consumers, including Sketchbook.  CEO: […]